Welcome to Your School
Admission Process:

Application Forms are available for a nonrefundable fee of ₦5,000.00 from March each year.
Forms can be downloaded online and printed or obtained at the school. All Completed Forms should be signed, and submitted via mail or in-person to the Principal, Monef High School, or Monef Kiddies School, along with the nonrefundable fee and copies of the required documents:
Required Documents:

  • Testimonial from the last School attended
  • Final Primary Class Result
  • One (1) passport photograph
  • Birth Certificate
Note: You will still need to get to the office to pay the non-refundable fee and submit copies of the required documents listed above.

Terms (Parent’s/Guardian’s Agreement):
We hereby agree to the following:
  • Testimonial from the last School attended
  • For my child to use all the play facilities and participate in all the school activities.
  • For my child to leave the school premises under the supervision of a staff member for short walks and field trips authorized by the school.
  • For my child to be included in evaluations and pictures connected with school programmes.
  • For the school authorities to take any step necessary to obtain emergency care for my child if warranted.
  • For the school to contact me at any known address and phone number(s).
  • For the school nurse to give my child first aid treatment and care if necessary.
  • For the school to bill me for any expenses incurred above.
  • For my child to participate in all extra-curricular activities within and outside the school, irrespective of any religious or other reservations which I may have. If I later feel otherwise, I may be advised to withdraw my child.
  • I will ensure that my child’s/children’s fees are paid promptly, before the beginning of every term.
  • Finally, the school will not be responsible for anything that may happen as a result of false information given at the time of enrollment.
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